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J-Fashion, known as “Japanese Fashion”, which is getting trendy as it accepts different styles instead of fixed molds. This is exactly what Cosfun is looking for, since no one should be bound by rules.

J-Fashion mixes and matches GothicKawaiiLolitaJKMaid, harajuku fashion and other varieties, even elements from anime, game, movie, just to think outside the box and create new fashion. People whoever is in love with cosplay like mixing elements deep in heart, they want the cosplay elements to be part of daily clothes, they want a specific fashion to be more diverse. That’s why Cosfun is here to turn your “want” into “have” with J-Fashion items.

Cosfun is not only committing to providing costumes to your cosplay events, we are striving to bring fun to your daily clothes with J-Fashion. You can cos whoever or whatever you want, you can wear whatever clothes you like, the most important thing is to have fun and follow your heart.

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