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If you are an influencer and look for someone to sponsor your wig for your next event or party, or you are looking for a long-term partnership/sponsorship collaboration, cosfun.com has it all! cosfun.com is always looking to form partnerships with influential and active bloggers / social media users to help each other out! For any interested party, don't hesitate to contact us.
Those who have been selected for sponsorship can do:
1: one FREE wig
2: 30% discount for buying a costume or one FREE costume
3: Use our site affiliates to get a 6% rebate (not includthe ing shipping fee)
Just send the information below to business@cosfun.com
- Your name.
- The country you live in now.
- The username and links of your main social accounts for promotion.
- The audience analysis of the biggest two accounts.
- Some links to the posts that you promoted for other cosplay companies.
- The item id/link/discount you want us to sponsor.
- Your ways of promotion and the finished time.
Tips: Thank you all for the great response! Because of the large number of inquiries we have received, please kindly allow one week time for us to go through and process all the applications. Only those who have been selected for sponsorship will be informed of the result by email. Thank you again!

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