• FAQ

    Size FAQ

    Q: Is it the US or the EUR size?

    A: Neither of them, it is a special size. So your usual size will not apply here, just measure yourself carefully.

    Q: Is it the clothes measurements?

    A: Be aware that the size chart reflects the body’s dimensions and not the clothes themselves.

    Q: How much room you guys will make for the costume?

    A: The exact measurement of the costume will depend on the version ordered and your own individual need for comfort.

    Q: How do I measure myself?

    A: To obtain more precise measurements ensure that you are wearing thin, tight clothing so that any dimensions taken are as close to your body shape as possible. There is a very small margin for error.

     For more accurate sizing, you are advised to get someone to help you if possible.

    Measurements can be taken in either centimetres or inches.

    Q: Could you make it for the kids?

    A: While we do have an extensive selection of kids cosplay costumes, with bespoke size choices, the adult outfits can also be ordered for your little heroes. However, these will all need to be customized size orders except the size 3XS and 6XS can work.


    Q: Which shoe size should I provide?

    A: The one of U.S. U.K. EUR or MM.

     Shipping FAQ

    Q: How long for the shipping once I placed the order?

    A: Actually, we need about ten days to make the costume, and one week for shipping.

    Except you ordered the ready to ship one.

    Q: Will you guys provide the tracking number once it sent?

    A: Yes, we will add it thru the order number and sent you the email.

    Q. Do I need to pay the customs duties or import charge of the package?

    A: We can't guarantee you won't be charged since it is random. Also, it depends on the policy of each country.If you have any specific questions about the customs duties, please feel free to reach out to

    Q: Is there any special note for the prop?

    A: You need to open it to make sure there is no damage before you sign for it.

    If there is, just refuse it, file a claim to the express company.

    Q: Can I select the express company?

    A: We usually use DHL,FedEx,USPS and EMS, if you have requirements, just email us.

    Q: If I need the costume in rush, what should I do?
    A: You can leave a message about the date you need it by, or you can send us an email about that, we will respond to you soon.


    Q: Why you declare the value lower than I paid?

    A: We usually declare lower value so that you can avoid or pay little customs fee. If you have any requested, contact us thru email.


    Ready to ship FAQ

    Q: How long is the delivery time in the ready to ship series?

    A: You can get it about 5-7 days , and you need to select the standard shipping.

    Q. Does it come with all the sizes?

    Not really, some costumes just come with few sizes.


    After-Sales FAQ

    Q: Do you have any washing instructions?

    A: Hand washing and natural air drying are recommended. Machine washing / dry cleaning is not recommended.
    Before cleaning, please remove metal accessories to avoid damage itself or the costume.
    Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, artificial light, and humidity. Do not allow pieces with contrasting colors and different materials to come into direct contact with each other.
    Never use a cleaning product or stain remover to remove a stain. Instead, bring your piece to a professional cleaning service as soon as possible. Once the stain is removed, take the plastic cover off and allow your piece to air out before putting away.

    Q: If I get the wrong size costume, what should I do?

    A: First contact the seller, make sure you have checked the size chart. Then measure the chest, waist, and hips, put a tapeline against the costume, make sure the datas are clear, send pictures to us within 72 hours after you received the costume.

    Q: If I received damaged or incomplete costumes, what should I do?

    A: First take the photos of it, send us the photos within 48 hours after you received it, do not try it on, then we will deal with it.

    Q: Who will afford the shipping fee for the return and exchange?

    A: That depends on the situation, if you selected the wrong size or you just want to return it without any reason, you should afford the shipping. If it is not our fault, we won't afford it. For more details, contact us through email.


    Pre-Sale FAQ

    Q: Can I buy some pieces separately of a costume?

    A: It depends on which costume you need, contact us thru email.

    Q: Do you accept the commission?

    A: Yes, please sent backside and front side pictures as well as Character & Anime name of the cosplay, the budget, deadline to us, then we will check with designers. 

    Q: What does product  B, A, AA, AAA mean?

    A: They are the different quality levels of the product.

     B-QUALITY products are a new added collection, which are made with the cheap materials for Halloween needs and have a nice price.
    The processing time for orders is generally 5-15 days.

    ● A-QUALITY products are designed to meet your basic needs.
    The size range is designed to be inclusive and suitable for most individuals.
    The processing time for orders is generally 10-20 days.

     AA-QUALITY products excel in terms of materials, and attention to detail.
    The size range is suitable for most individuals.
    The processing time for orders is generally 5-60 days.

     AAA-QUALITY products are made with the finest materials and boast exceptional attention to detail and appearance.
    But to maintain the highest standards of detail and appearance, the size range is limited.
    The processing time for orders is generally 5-90 days.