• About Us

    Cosfun has had the pleasure of operating for over 10 years and providing the world with the latest anime costumes in cosplay fashion. It is only fitting that Cosfun is located in the fashion capital of China, Guangzhou, as we have a wide variety of character costumes from various Japanese anime for sure, Manga, video games, movies as well as ensembles from iconic periods such as Victorian and Medieval.

    Cosfun was founded by cosplay aficionados and has collaborated with many fashion designers who specialize in these characters. The costumes are often seen at comic conventions, parties, charities, or just for everyday use and you will find no shortage of dresses, jumpsuits, masks, and apparel to fit your cosplay fantasies. No special occasion is required for you to don one of these spectacular outfits. People often marvel at the level of detail that is put in creating every costume.

    The designers have a passion for these pieces and it shows in the attention to detail and the fine hand-crafted materials that form these realistic garments. They appear as if they stepped right out of the source material which they are based on. More often than not, when the latest outfit arrives, it will be sold out in a matter of seconds. Guangzhou also has the honor of being the home of many cosplay clubs where cosers go to show off their latest looks.

    Cosfun has always been the leader in cosplay costume design, manufacturing, and marketing. We have a commitment to develop new items and build a platform that allows cosplay culture to communicate around the world. Not only can cosers purchase dream costumes here, but they can join in our community to meet friends that share common interests which only improves their cosplay level. We provide every service needed to help make your next cosplay event a fun and unforgettable one.