• Cosfun NFT

    Cosfun will give away nft recently.
    More information please go to our discord
    We offer NFTs of the most contemporary cosplay outfits from Japanese anime, fashion, manga, video games, and films, as well as ensembles from classic eras such as the Victorian and the middle Ages. Its primary objective is to raise awareness about the NFTs' potential in its community in order to engage more.
    Our mission is to provide some entertaining and captivating anime-style NFTs. These NFTs have a significant collection value which might motivate the society and give it greater vitality. We want to encourage our community to get familiar with and continue to adopt our NFTs which help them to grow and get huge benefits. We will further add greater functionalities to our NFTs in the future to assist members who hold NFTs, such as earning a free cosplay costume.
    Our vision is to establish a fun cosplay community with a proper economic framework and to utilize NFT technology to strengthen our economy so that community members who take part in its development may profit from it as a whole. In order to entice individuals who are hesitant to engage in NFTs, our objective is to raise the community's awareness and provide users with a decentralized identity and authentic control over their projects. We intend to use NFT to inspire members, enable members to contribute more, and help participants flourish with the community. It aspires to entice individuals to explore the realm of nonfungible tokens and earn their own.