• How to get a reward

    How to Get Rewards

    Earn points to turn them into rewards Ⅳ

    1. Ways to earn points:

      Ⅰ Present 300 points to welcome newly sign up users.

      Ⅱ Present 600 points to celebrate a birthday.

      Ⅲ Present 5 points for every $1 spent.


    2. Ways to redeem

      Ⅰ 1000 points can be redeemed $10 off coupon.

      Ⅱ 2000 points can be redeemed $20 off coupon.

      Ⅲ 3000 points can be redeemed $30 off coupon.


    Share your referral code with your friends, then your friends and you will get a $9 off coupon each when they make a purchase.

    Share Order Pictures to Get Rewards

    Share your pictures of the order on your Facebook or Instagram page, and then add our name or credit us. Finally, send us the link, then we'll give you a coupon. The worth of the coupon depends on the total amount of your last order, which may be $5, $10 or more.

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    Instagram: @cosfun_official

    Facebook: @CosFun