If you are an influencer seeking sponsorship for your next event or party, or looking for a long-term partnership/sponsorship collaboration, CosFun has it all! We are always seeking partnerships with active bloggers and social media users to help each other out. If you meet the requirements listed below, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    1. Your values and brand image align with CosFun's.
    2. You have a positive public image and a certain level of influence.
    3. You have a specific fan base that aligns with CosFun's target audience.
    4. Upon agreement of cooperation, you are able to comply with all terms and conditions outlined in the contract ensuring that all services and products provided during our collaboration abide by the agreed standards and quality. If any issues occur or the terms of the contract are not met, you'll be required to notify our business department promptly and take necessary measures.

    Our sponsorships are available on any following project:
    1. A free item.
    2. 15 - 50% discount on purchasing a item.
    3. 6% rebate using our site affiliates (not including shipping fee).

    If you'd like to cooperate with us, please email the following information to
    - The country you currently reside in.
    - Your biological gender and age.
    - The usernames and links to your main social media accounts that can help promote our products such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, etc.
    - The detailed audience analysis (country and gender) in English of your biggest accounts, including an evaluation of your six most recent posts (please send as attachments).
    - Links to the posts you've promoted for other companies (if any).
    - What discount or the item SKU you'd like us to sponsor.
    - Your plans and timeline for promoting our products after confirming the cooperation or receiving the product.

    Note: Thank you for the great response! Due to the high volume of inquiries we receive, please allow up to one week to process applications. Only selected sponsorships will be notified of their result via email. Thank you again!