• 【POLL】Deposit AA/AAA Honkai Star Rail Misha Cosplay Costume

    $1 Deposit = $5 Coupon

    The production plan for this costume has not been confirmed yet. This link is designed to collect opinions to gauge the level of interest in this costume. No shipments will be made after purchase.

    To participate in the poll, please pay a $1 deposit.

    If more than 20 people order this item within the next 30 days (please note that each person can only order one piece for each character), the poll will be considered successful. In that case, we will initiate the production process by designing and crafting the costume.
    If the poll fails due to insufficient interest, we will refund the deposited money to you once the poll is canceled.

    When the costume becomes available for sale with full payment, individuals who placed a deposit will get a notification and receive a $5 coupon. This coupon can be applied as a discount towards the final price of the costume.