• Genshin Impact Eula Cosplay Costume Review

    June 08, 2023 2 min read

    Here is a new review shared by Florencia Sofen with our Eula Lawrence costume from Genshin Impact.

    The costume is made in MANY parts with MANY accessories! When it arrived it came with: the main jumpsuit, the braces, the headpiece (headband with both hairpins and the accessory), both long socks with little props, the tie, the cloak, both gloves, the shoulder piece, the piece of the back (on the cloak) and the neck piece.

    All those parts are made with pleather (for some details and accessories), and spandex (the main jumpsuit and socks) with details in crystal satin. Many of the details are printed on the fabric (especially on the jacquard and spandex). Indeed, some details in the inner fabric are also printed in a different tone.

    It’s very important to know that the front part of the costume is spandex and the back is satin. That makes the front part elastic and fit and helps the back keep the form.

    The cape is an absolute masterpiece in that way. And the socks are very well made: they match the printed pattern with the solid accessories. It gives a lot of volumes but makes the costume lighter (cause it doesn’t need more seams or extras).
    They also added some stripes on the sleeves to make the details just like the original design.

    Most of it (the jumpsuit, breast neck, the neck piece and the cloak) is attached with velcro. If it’s not, pins are your friends now. It’s very easy to wear, fast and comfy.
    I was very impressed at this point because it’s very extraordinary getting this kind of high-quality detail and this level of accuracy in a cosplay of that price.

    As usual, the S size was a perfect choice. It fitted perfectly, from the socks to the vest. I only had problems with the back cause I make a lot of exercises and it was a little tight but perfect at least!
    The belt made a huge change once it’s worn (to make the form of the breast) and it’s strong enough.

    All the little accessories added to the jumpsuit, shoulder, socks, back, etc, are made of foam and attached with pins. They are very well made and painted, it gives enough texture to make the volume of the detail of the game.
    They also added the buckle of cryo, but that is made with glass and with fabric detail. It’s glorious!

    Everything is perfectly sewn. It’s very clean and all the seams are very strong. The mix of textures and fabrics matches great and looks exactly like the videogame design.

    From the first time, they were very kind and fast in every answer. They helped me pick the size and asked for many details (if I wanted more stretchy or if I were allergic to something). Ask them whatever you need cause they are always for all of you!